"Yes, this house is the problem."

"I feel like I’m drying off a wet dog".

"Where is it? A cleaner. A vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum, or even a broom will do". 

YJS, HaHa thoughts about RM China -From Infinity Challenge Eps 399 (Oct 11th). Tweets & Eng trans by @Hybrid_HaHa 

RM Korea needs 4 years to build this variety to be hallyu variety….all RMK fans love them because their great attitude, always respect their fans and guest…..so sad that running man china have this kind of attitude….dont forget that they (RMC) can be in the RMC because of these 7 amazing human…..


47/50 of Lee Kwang Soo

EP216 - Running Heroes
No. 7 Clara

jongkook feeling apologetic for ousting chinese rm members